20th International Dresden Summer Academy for Visual Arts

We are turning twenty and are unable to believe it ourselves. Together with you we would like to celebrate this important anniversary of the International Dresden Summer Academy. For this special occasion, we have devised a particular scheme: We have invited your and our favourite docents, who are pleased to return to Dresden in 2017. We are sure that our plan will work out in being both, a surprise party and a home match. The following names are flashing on our guest list: Belle Shafir from Tel Aviv, who once more will reveal the secrets of experimental sculpture. Or Martin Puppe, who in 2010 successfully ran the class for wood sculpture and, in the meantime, has relocated to Chile. The stone sculptor Maria Rucker of Munich is a familiar face either, back from 2014 as is photography artist Steffen Junghans of Leipzig, who was among your instructors in 2013. Good tidings are getting in from Peru, too, as Gundula Schulze Eldowy is travelling here in order to teach the other photography class. We are also proud to have won over two excellent docents for this year’s painting courses again. Jochen Plogsties of Leipzig and Kerstin Schaefer of Stuttgart have happily answered our call. Same is to be reported of the Berlin-based colleagues Jan Brokof and Henrik Schrat. Both have developed a creative friendship during the last years and, not only for that reason, will certainly bring in brilliant inspirations. Additionally honoured we welcome Sándor Dóró, the decade-long expert for artists’ anatomy at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts and beyond, who will lecture on his main subjects and its unimagined opportunities. Last, but not least, video artist and exceptionally talented draftsman David Buob will introduce ways to teach pictures how to walk.
By now, you will have realised that we are facing two unique weeks of celebrations. It might feel a bit like a high school reunion where everyone has something meaningful and / or entertaining to contribute. Additional brain food will be provided on our usual standards – by means of supporting events and regular theoretical input.

We are already in the mood for partying and looking forward to your arrival and that of our instructors,

Susanne Altmann (artistic director)
Franka Häßner (managing director / project manager exchange programme)
& riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden

COURSES from Mondays to Fridays 9.30 am - 5 pm
PAINTING I | Jochen Plogsties
course A 24.7.-28.7.17 | course B 31.7.-4.8.17
PAINTING II | Kerstin Schaefer
course A 24.7.-28.7.17 | course B 31.7.-4.8.17
DRAWING I | Sándor Dóró
course A 24.7.-28.7.17 | course B 31.7.-4.8.17
DRAWING II | Henrik Schrat
course A 24.7.-28.7.17 | course B 31.7.-4.8.17
WOODCUT | Jan Brokof
course A 24.7.-28.7.17 | course B 31.7.-4.8.17
PHOTOGRAPHY I | Gundula Schulze Eldowy
course A 24.7.-28.7.17 | course B 31.7.-4.8.17
PHOTOGRAPHY II | Steffen Junghans
course 24.7.-4.8.17
VIDEO | David Buob
course 24.7.-4.8.17
course 24.7.-4.8.17
course 24.7.-4.8.17
course A 24.7.-28.7.17 | course B 31.7.-4.8.17

riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden, Workshops at Wachsbleichstraße 4a and Adlergasse 14, 01067 Dresden (tram 1, 2, 6, 10, Bus 94 to „Bahnhof Mitte“, S-Bahn to „Bahnhof Mitte“)

Motorenhalle. Project Centre for Contemporary Art: The 400 square metres large, former industrial building is an important venue of art exhibitions and events in Dresden. Wachsbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden (tram 1, 2, 6, 10, Bus 94 to „Bahnhof Mitte“, S-Bahn to „Bahnhof Mitte“)

External places:
Buchkinder e.V.
offers book workshops for children. The 100 sqm large and bright studio space by Sabine Heinrich and Henry Puchert in the back house of a former mattress factory has been renovated in 2007. Buchkinder Workshop Dresden-Friedrichstadt, Wachsbleichstraße 22, 01067 Dresden, Tram 10 to „Vorwerkstr.“ or line 1 to „Manitiusstr.“

Two weeks:
Photo II, Video, Sculpture Stone / Wood, 410,- € / 330,- € plus material costs One week: Painting I and II, Drawing I and II, Wood-Cut, Photo I, Sculpture/Installation 280,- € / 230,- € plus material costs
Combined courses: The one-week courses can be combined to give a two-weeks discount: 230,- € / 210,- € per week plus material costs
Discounts: Unemployed persons, students, trainees, volunteers and senior citizens. For a discount price, please send in a certificate of discount privilege with the registration. Expanses for materials are not included in the course fees. The cost of materials depends on techniques and individual needs.

Information about accommodation and private rooms will be available at the service point of riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden, Tel.: +49 (0)351|86602-13. On request, you will receive our accommodation list.

The restaurant of riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden offers lunch from Mondays to Fridays (including vegetarian food).

Each participant will receive a personalized card which allows for dis¬counts at various vendors in Dresden during the period of the Summer Academy.

International Dresden Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Susanne Altmann (artistic director)
Franka Häßner (managing director)
Tel.:+49 | (0)351 | 86602-13
Mail: soak@sommerakademie-dresden.de

Please note our terms and conditions:
General Terms and Conditions

The application has to be made in written form via the application form available in the Service Office of riesa efau or at the Homepage www.sommerakademie-dresden.de. The application is legally binding. With it, you accept the general terms and conditions, as well as the house rules of the respective course locations. The application cannot be transferred. The claim to a course seat only sets in with the settlement of the course bill ahead of the course start. Applications will be only processed if they are complete and in order of the arrival of their financial settlement. In the case that the maximum number of attendants is reached, the participation cannot be claimed. Please contact us beforehand about fully booked courses. After the arrival of your course fee, we will send you an electronic or postal confirmation of participation.

Terms of Payment and Participation
The course fee is to be settled cashless (via bank transfer or debit withdrawal), postally or in cash during the office hours. In case of a bank transfer, we ask you to include the keyword ”Sommerakademie“ as well as the course title. After a prior agreement, a payment in two instalments can be arranged. The claim for a course seat becomes effective, when 50% of the course fee has been paid and a written direct debit authorisation about the remaining 50% has been granted to riesa efau. Participation can only be accepted for one course each (exception: successive one-week offers) and for its total duration. We ask for your understanding, that a minimum number of applications have to be reached for each course, as well as that certain maximum numbers of attendants cannot be exceeded.

The information on the pricelist is applying. Entitled for abatement are the unemployed, students, pupils, trainees, people in a voluntary social year or a federal volunteer service and pensioners. Concessions can only be made on presentation of a corresponding identification. In case of a bank transfer of the course fee, we ask you to add this identification as a copy to your written application. Retroactively, there can no concession be made.

The association riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden is allowed to cancel or interrupt a course in case of lacking participation or force majeure. In these cases, the already paid course fees are refunded either in full or, in case of an interrupted course, partially. If a course instructor drops out, riesa efau is allowed to provide an equivalent replacement.

Cancellation by a Participant
Statements of retirement can only be accepted in written form. We ask for understanding, that in case of short-termed retirements, we have to raise cancellation fees (as from four weeks before the Summer Academy 25%, as from two weeks before the Summer Academy 50%). On any kind of cancellation an administrative charge of 25,- € is raised. As from one week before, as well as during the Summer Academy there can be no refund of expenses in case of a cancellation.
Other Refunds:
In some courses, costs for material have to be envisaged, according to consumption and type of material. These costs cannot be refunded.

Course Location
The course locations are announced to the participants and are published on www.sommerakademie-dresden.de ahead of the Summer Academy. Behaviour in the course rooms: The participants of the Dresden Summer Academy are liable to the duty of care. They commit themselves to respect the house rules of the respective locations and follow the corresponding regulations. Eventual deficiencies have to be reported to the project management.

Accident Insurance and Liability
During the lessons or during excursions and events undertaken in the scope of the lessons, the participants are not insured in case of an accident. The association is not liable for lost objects of any kind. Remarks and information given by the course instructor only serve the immediate execution of the course or event; they cannot be made liable for a claim of responsibility. In case of a disturbance or casualty, the course participants are obliged to undertake all reasonable and adequate actions in order to remedy this disturbance or damage. The liability of the association is reduced to acts of gross negligence and willful misconduct. We also recommend a travel cancellation insurance.

These terms and conditions are valid with effect from 1.1.2009, verbal agreements require the written consent of the Board. The effectiveness of the Conditions are not affected in their entirety. Jurisdiction is the city of Dresden.

Participants‘ exhibition

The works are placed on 5.8.2017 together with the course instructor. Led by the curator Susanne Altmann, setting up the exhibition is part of the course offer. During the exhibition, from 05.08. till 19.08.2017, there is no possibility to remove any work. The return of the works made by the participants is possible from 21.8. to 25.8.2017, by appointment (Service Office of riesa efau | Tel 0351/86602-11). From 26.8.2017 onwards, riesa efau is not liable for uncollected works. 

The works of the participants are not insured during the construction, exhibition, dismantling and collection period. A redirection of the works as an additional service of riesa efau only takes place when sufficiently stamped sending material / cash on delivery is deposited.