25th International Dresden Summer Academy for Visual Arts / 24.7. - 6.8.2022

Our world is in a state of upheaval. Especially in these uncertain times, art can give us support and strength. That is why we are looking forward to this summer, which marks the 25th anniversary of the Dresden International Summer Academy. On the occasion of this anniversary, we would like to look back. We are therefore particularly pleased to welcome many returning artists who have accompanied us on our way in recent years. David O'Kane introduces us to figurative painting, sharpens our sense of observation and playfully teaches us how to deal with oil paint. In Sophia Schama's abstract painting, we detach ourselves from the external characteristics of reality in order to condense emotion and reason in our paintings. With Martin Mannig, let's break new ground in our own figuration, train our sense of shapes, sizes and expression, and explore the graphic transitions between "depicting" and "non-representational" with Xenia Fink. This year we can look forward to three photography courses: Nadin Maria Rüfenacht stages images together with us in an exciting way, while Thomas Bachler lets us immerse ourselves in the almost 200-year-old tradition of black-and-white photography and its technical features. Jan Jindra, on the other hand, shows us that restrictions of any kind can also promote creativity. The decelerating effect of etching is the focus of Vlado Ondrej's printing course. And Diego Vivanco inspires us once again for the medium of the moving image. With what means and possibilities can we implement our ideas on film? With us, Antje Blumenstein addresses the questions of material and form, and helps us sharpen our perception in three-dimensional space. And we will also encounter familiar faces in the sculpture courses: Reinhard Voss will work with us to investigate the interplay of surface and natural resistance of wood, while Christoph Traub will join us in search of the individual form inherent in each stone. Our varied supporting programme will continue to serve as a creative source of strength in the anniversary year thanks to its exhibitions, artist talks, evening events and the traditional summer party. I am looking forward to getting to know each other and seeing you again, and of course to welcoming new participants to our Summer Academy!

Anke Dietrich, director
& the team of riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden

>>> Summer Academy Exchange Programm: Call for Entries is open!


from Mondays to Fridays 9.30 am - 5 pm

PAINTING I | David O'Kane
Course A 25.7.-29.7.2022 Course B 1.8.-5.8.2022

PAINTING II | Sophia Schama
Course A 25.7.-29.7.2022 Course B 1.8.-5.8.2022

DRAWING I | Martin Mannig
Course A 25.7.-29.7.2022 Course B 1.8.-5.8.2022

Course A 25.7.-29.7.2022 Course B 1.8.-5.8.2022

PHOTOGRAPHY I | Nadin-Maria Rüfenacht
Course 25.7.-5.8.2022

PHOTOGRAPHY II | Thomas Bachler
Course A 25.7.-29.7.2022 

Course B 1.8.-5.8.2022

ETCHING | Vlado Ondrej
Course A 25.7.-29.7.2022 Course B 1.8.-5.8.2022

VIDEO | Diego Vivanco
Course 25.7.-5.8.2022

Course A 25.7.-29.7.2022 Course B 1.8.-5.8.2022

SCULPTURE/WOOD | Reinhard Voss
Course 25.7.-5.8.2022

SCULPTURE/STONE | Christoph Traub
Course 25.7.-5.8.2022


International Dresden Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Anke Dietrich (director)
Tel.:+49 | (0)351 | 86602-13
Mail: soaksommerakademie-dresden.de


SUN | July 24th, 2022 | 6 pm
Inauguration of the 25th International Dresden Summer Academy and opening of the Faculty Exhibition | Motorenhalle

THR | July 28th, 2022 | 8 pm
Summer party with musical entertainment | Motorenhalle courtyard

FRI | August 5th, 2022 | 8 pm
Stip(p)visite - Exhibition opening and talk with the recipients of the scholarships
Rösslstube e.V., Friedrichstraße 37, 01067 Dresden

SAT | August 6th, 2022 | 6 pm
Opening of the student exhibition and closing ceremony of the 25th International Dresden Summer Academy | Motorenhalle

August 6th-20th, 2022 Student exhibition | Motorenhalle

every Tuesday and Thursday | 1 pm
Intermezzo at 1 pm. Join us for artist talks with selected faculty members about their work | Motorenhalle


riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden Workshops at Wachsbleichstraße 4a and Adlergasse 14, 01067 Dresden
Tram 1, 2, 6, 10, Bus 68 to „Bahnhof Mitte“, S-Bahn to „Bahnhof Mitte“

Motorenhalle. Project Centre for Contemporary Art The 400 square metres large, former industrial building is an important venue of art exhibitions and events in Dresden. Wachsbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden
Tram 1, 2, 6, 10, Bus 68 to „Bahnhof Mitte“, S-Bahn to „Bahnhof Mitte“

external places
Buchkinder e. V.
offers book workshops for children. The 100 sqm large and bright studio space of Sabine Heinrich and Henry Puchert in the back house of a former mattress factory Wachsbleichstraße 22, 01067 Dresden

Medienkulturzentrum Dresden e. V. The Media Culture Center offers year-round media educational and media artistic programme in their fully equipped media studio. It is located at the industrial monument Kraftwerk Mitte, a lively location of culture, art and creativity.
Kraftwerk Mitte 3, 01067 Dresden

Rates & Services

Photo I, Video, Sculpture Stone/ Wood
450,- €/380,- €¹ plus material costs

Painting I and II, Drawing I and II, Photo II and III, Etching, Sculpture/Installation
300,- €/260,- €¹ plus material costs

The one-week courses can be combined to give a two-weeks discount
260,- €/230,- €¹ per week plus material costs

¹ for pupils, students, trainees, FSJ, federal volunteers or voluntary military service, recipients of benefits according to SGBII and XII, severely disabled persons, social welfare recipients and recipients of basic pensions with proof of entitlement to a discount at the time
of registration.

are not included in the course fees. The cost of materials depends on techniques and individual needs.

The restaurant of riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden offers lunch from Mondays to Fridays (including vegetarian food).

Each participant will receive a personalized card which allows for discounts at various vendors in Dresden during the period of the Summer Academy.

General Terms and Conditions

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